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Peak Performance Management, Inc. | Pittsburgh, PA

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Peak Performance Management has partnered with Vendilli Group to bring you

The 4M's of Being an Effective Business Leader and their Application to CRMs


Peak Performance Management and the Vendilli Digital Group are presenting an upcoming complimentary live webinar. 

Sean Coyle of Peak Performance Management and John Caruso of Vendilli Digital Group will cover impactful ways to approach sales leadership. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the 4 M’s of sales leadership which include:

1. Management

2. Metrics

3. Mindset

4. Methodology

Complete the registration form below to attend this free webinar on September 14th at 10:30 EST and discover the 4 M’s of Sales Leadership and Their CRM Applications. 

This webinar is limited to 50 participants and will fill up fast.

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Sean and John both bring years of experience and knowledge in sales, marketing, and business development. Our presentation will combine the strategies and coaching of Sandler Sales Training and HubSpot’s Inbound Sales and Marketing methodologies to provide you with a roadmap for successful sales and marketing strategies.

EB - Sep 14 2023

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