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Sales superstars are OK with a “no.” They realize that a “no” is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they are often satisfied with a decisive “no” and move on to the next opportunity. They avoid the “think it over” run around by uncovering “no’s.” There are only two possible answers at the end of the sales process. “Yes” or “no.” No one will ever get all “yes’s.” Sales superstars accept that they will get “no’s” and strive to get them sooner rather than later.

Great salespeople are not afraid of a no. Seven out of ten salespeople have a fear of rejection. They feel that the “no” is a rejection of them and take it personally. They are hurt every time they don’t get the deal regardless of the reason. Sales superstars know that a “no” is not a rejection of them. It is a rejection of the product or service. This doesn’t mean the sales superstar doesn’t take the blame if they missed the mark or didn’t present their product or service well. It simply means that they don’t take the “no” personally, find out what turned the prospect off, and take a lesson learned from it.

Don’t be afraid of the prospect saying “no.” In fact, make it one of your objectives. A decisive “no” is often a victory. Too frequently we settle for a “think it over.” Most times a “think it over” is a “no” we never heard. Instead, we waste time tracking the prospect down until we annoy them into telling us they are choosing not to use our product or service. If we get a definitive “no” then we can part amicably. There is also the potential for a lesson learned, and we know the real status of our pipeline. As a bonus, we don’t waste time chasing a prospect that has already decided that they aren’t going to do business with us. Be a sales superstar, be OK with a “no.” If you aren’t you’ll find yourself avoiding getting them, which is going to waste a lot of time and effort.

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