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Before presenting your solution or recommendation, make sure you set the stage by putting your prospect’s PAIN in context. You will want to make sure that there is a review about what their issues, challenge, or problems were. You will also want to recount for them the specific examples they may have shared earlier in the discovery process and follow up with the impacts before you present your solutions.

Once you present your solution, tie it into your prospect’s vision of what that solution should look like; move from pain to pleasure. When you are done with your presentation, close on this point.

Here is what I mean…
You’ve presented your solutions and instead of simply asking, “Any Questions?” do these five steps:

1. Clarify. This sounds like: or maybe just say This sounds like: Was I clear? Did that make senses?
2. ASK: Is it workable? This sounds like: Is this workable in your environment?
3. ASK: Is there a fit? This sounds like: Does this fit your specific needs in your world?
4. Questions. This sounds like: Do you have any questions? Are we 100% OK?
5. Close. Find out if their problem would be solved with your solution. 

Here is an example of it all together after you have presented your solution:

Salesperson: Was I clear? Was that understandable? Does it make sense to everyone?
Prospect: Yes.
Salesperson: Okay. Do you see that being a workable solution?
Prospect: Yes.
Salesperson: Okay. Does it fit your world and specifically your need?
Prospect: Yes.
Salesperson: Great. Any questions? Are we 100% okay to check this off before we move on?

Learn to close on these important slight edge questions before moving forward.

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