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A solid 30 second commercial is very important for a sales professional. The commercial should create a compelling reason for a prospect to sit down with them to have a further conversation. 

This commercial or elevator pitch, can be really effective in a few different areas:

  1. networking event or any type of social event that gives you the opportunity to prospect for your business.
  2. A cold call or a call to a referral that may be a fit for your product or service.

Remember, it’s typically best to get the other person talking first, and this is for 2 reasons:

  1. You can quickly qualify or disqualify that person as a potential prospect.
  2. You can tailor you 30 second commercial to fit their business.

The 30 second commercial breaks down into 3 multiple choice statements, formatted with 3 key ingredients:

  1. Stroke
  2. Pain
  3. Impact

When constructing your commercial your mindset should be: You’re the doctor in your industry, what pain did your clients have before they began to work with you, and how did you ease it? It is important to make this script sound natural, and conversational.

Here is an example:

I typically work with successful companies not much different from yours that have grown well over time, but for whatever reason they tell me they are not in front of enough brand new opportunities on a consistent enough basis and they just don’t see their new revenue growing at the rate they’d like.

Let’s break it down:

Stoke: I typically work with successful companies, not much different from yours that have grown well.

Pain: They are not in front of enough brand new opportunities on a consistent basis.

Impact: New revenue is not growing at the rate they’d like.

The second statement can build directly off of the first:

Stroke: Other times they do a terrific job prospecting and getting in front of new opportunities.

Pain: But the sales cycle is taking a lot longer than they think it should.

Impact: Deals are slipping through the cracks of the pipeline, and they just cannot figure out why.

The third statement builds off of the second:

Stroke: Other times people tell me they are getting the opportunities and they are closing in a timely fashion.

Pain: But we don’t have a big enough market to go after and my people we don’t cross sell and up sell.

Impact: We leave revenue on the table.

After you go through your commercial, ask politely if any of it is relevant to them. If so, do a bit of probing on why it is relevant. At this point, go for the “ask” and set a time to talk a bit further.

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