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Have you ever scheduled an hour on the calendar with a prospective client and when you get to the meeting they announce they only have 10 minutes?

How about after a selling situation, you walk out of the building kicking yourself because you forgot to cover a topic that you should have or the prospect wanted to cover?

Have you ever had an excellent sales call, and discovered that you should be working together, but you have trouble reconnecting, landing in each other voicemails, and have no in the future clear next step?

These scenarios are very frustrating for sales people but happen more often than not.

How can sales professionals can make sure that they:

  1. Have adequate time to accomplish all that needs to be done.
  2. Cover the entire agenda, and discuss what the prospect really needs.
  3. Make sure we have a clear next step, or close the file.

If you start the meeting off with a Sandler Training tactic: the up front contract, you will ensure you receive the outcome you desire.

The following is an example of what that could sound like after you’ve done adequate business bonding:

I wanted to thank you again for inviting me in today, we had about an hour on the calendar, are we still good for that? (This will let you know up front if you have enough time)

Ok great…

Last time we spoke, we talked a little bit about XYZ and ABC, I wanted to make sure we covered that today, and I wanted to ask you, when you were preparing for this meeting or my name popped on the calendar, was there anything that you wanted to make sure we discussed today? (This will enable you to make sure you get all of your talking points on the table, as well as the prospects)

Sounds good…

A couple different thing could happen today after we get into this.

If at any point either of us feel like we are not a good fit for each other, feel free to let me know, and I will be just as candid on my end if that is ok with you. We can shake hands and go our separate ways.

Or we may find the beginnings of a fit here, and at that point I’d like to make sure we take some time at the end to iron out and calendar our next steps, are you comfortable with that? (This will help you set a next calendared meeting and prevent mutual mystification for the follow up.)

Use this as a template and avoid future frustration.

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