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Generating leads without introductions? If you are, nice work. Accept our compliments. But even if you are, you’re completing only half your sales mission. What about the other half—building leads sales through introductions?

What’s that? You feel uncomfortable asking for introductions? You’re reluctant to give it a shot? Your contacts won’t spend time with you about this?

Can you prove any of this? If you can’t, then you really don’t know.  You’re just allowing your head trash to put up a sales-behavior barrier. And you’re letting it get the best of you.

Now’s the time to get past this kind of head trash. And one of the best ways to break through is to do the math. Look at it this way:

For the sake of argument, let’s say, you receive 10 introductions and that on average, you close 5 of these for a 50 percent close ratio. Let’s also say that on average, every sale you close leads to $1,500 a week in revenue. Then, the math goes this way:

10 (total referrals) x 0.50 (close ratio) x 50 (weeks) x $1,500 (revenue per week) = $375,000.

That’s the potential revenue you’ve lost by not asking for introductions. Sobering isn’t it?  To make this calculation realistic for you, plug your own numbers into the equation.

How do you feel about going after more introductions now?

Join us next time for Part 2 that shows how to generate more introductions.

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Referrals cost less to produce than other leads and close at a much higher rate, so they should be a key part of your prospecting process.

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