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Sales superstars have a definiteness of purpose backed by a burning desire. Desire is what drives a sales person to do the tough things that need to be done. It is their “why.” When times are tough, they don’t allow themselves to wimp out. The path to greatness begins with desire.

You have to know what you want in order to get it. Sales superstars have clearly defined what they want and are focused on achieving their goal. A desire to achieve these goals gives them strength and vitality.

Sales people often say they want to reach a certain income or need better sales. However, people frequently need or want things that they don’t get. A major reason for this is a lack of desire. In sales people, a desire to achieve their goal means they will make sacrifices and investments to attain their goals.

Poor sales people don’t have the same kind of drive which makes it easy for them to wimp out and not do the uncomfortable things. If we only do what we have always done, we will always get what we have always got. Desire leads us to growth and achievement.

Sales superstars don’t stand in their own way. Their desire is a keen sense of yearning for something that transcends everything else. If something needs to be done, they commit to doing it, regardless of how it makes them feel. Without desire our goals are simply dreams . . . something that we imagine would be nice but likely will never achieve. We must define what our goals are and strive to achieve them. Compile a plan and follow it. As long as you truly know what you yearn for, desire will kick in and make you do what is necessary when you hit the hard parts of your plan. Sales superstars use desire to make their dreams a reality.

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