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Sales superstars make quick decisions. On the surface this might seem like a problem but a quick decision does not mean a rash decision. It means when a sales person has gathered enough information on a problem they pull the trigger and take action. An inability to make decisions will prolong the sales process and will often lose the sale.

Anything the sales person expects when they are buying, they will tolerate when selling. If a sales person is not a good decision maker and is in the habit of “thinking it over”, this sales person will be vulnerable to “think it overs” from prospects. It just makes sense. If the sales person wouldn’t decide, why would they expect the prospect to decide? This prolongs the sales cycle and leads to very unclear next steps.

So take stock of your “personal buying cycle.” The way you make major financial decisions in your life will dictate your expectations of how your prospects should decide. If you are a comparison shopper, or a research junkie, or a price shopper, you will be expecting these things and thus accept them. Chances are when you hear these objections they will make sense to you and you’ll miss an opportunity to tangibly move the sale forward. Research suggests that sales people can be 50% more effective if they take the steps necessary to become better decision makers.

Only good decision makers can get other people to make decisions. Certainly don’t be rash in your decisions but learn to make quick decisions. You’ll begin expecting your prospects to decide quickly as well.

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