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Sales superstars are emotionally detached from the sales call. Being emotionally detached allows the sales person to maintain control by taking a consistently rational approach to selling. Being emotionally detached allows a sales person to have control of the sales call and make reasonable decisions.

When a sales person becomes emotionally involved, they don’t make good decisions. Losing the sale becomes a personal matter. It effects how they feel about themselves. This can cause the sales person to internalize past rejection and become desperate to make the sale. They will concede to unreasonable requests in hopes that it will appease a prospect into buying. The sale is vital to them because it dictates their self worth.

Emotional involvement confuses a sales call. If a sales person is emotionally involved, they are subconsciously selling themselves, not their product or service. Emotional involvement becomes a distraction because the sales person begins to over-think, over-analyze, or over-strategize when prospects catch them by surprise rather than remaining in the moment to address the real issue or concern. When sales people are emotionally involved, their listening skills tend to be self-focused rather than prospect focused, causing them to miss important points and lose control of the meeting.

Being emotionally detached allows a sales person to make good decisions. If a prospect asks for something unreasonable the emotionally detached sales person will refuse. They have the capability of explaining their point of view in a rational way and compromise with a prospect in a mutually advantageous way.

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