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Sales managers have a responsibility to run individual meetings with their team members. Whether it is weekly or bi-weekly we call these meetings WIMS, a weekly individual meeting.

Let me share a structure for sales meetings that works for sales managers. I call it RECON.

R stands for review the key metrics. The leading and lagging indicators that we decided are important for success.
E stand for evaluate. Let’s evaluate your performance against the metrics.
C stands for change. Based on where you are today and where you want to be, what do you need to be doing differently or better?
O stands for opportunities. What is in your pipeline do you need to do a pipeline review?
N stands for next. Let’s actually take a look at your calendar and see what appointments that you have. Are there any that I should be involved in as your manager or what calls do we need to be strategizing on?

Conduct your WIMS like this, use RECON. Review the key metrics, evaluate performance to those metrics, what needs to be changed. Don’t forget to review pipeline and ask what are the opportunities are coming up and what is in their calendar.

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