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Sales superstars are not afraid to ask tough questions. This gives them an edge because they truly understand the situation. Sales superstars know the budget, how decisions are made, and how their product or service can be a fit for the prospect. These facts don’t fall from the sky. They are gathered by being gutsy and asking the questions that are hard to ask. Sales superstars never let reservations prevent them from asking tough questions.

Poor salespeople are more interested in being comfortable than in uncovering the buyer’s process. If they need to ask a question but are afraid of the answer or how the prospect might take it, they will opt not to ask. This typically leaves them uninformed and throwing solutions against a wall to see if they will stick. Sales superstars find ways of asking hard questions. Often they are uncomfortable questions but the great salespeople ask them. Sales superstars have a system to soften the question and patience to get an answer, but they always ask.

Take some time to list the questions that you frequently find yourself skipping. These are the ones that you would like the answer to but there is never a “good time” to bring it up on the sales call. Make an effort to ask. Don’t leave without knowing a budget, decision process, and where you stand with your competitors. Prospect’s will not offer this information without us asking. Be a sales superstar. Even if the question makes you feel uncomfortable, ask anyway. If it’s helpful to know, ask the question, in a tactful way. Remember, knowledge is power and knowledge only comes from asking questions.

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