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Sales superstars are active listeners. They pay close attention to what is being said during a sales call and internalize it. This allows sales superstars to fully understand the situation and determine whether or not they can help. It also shows the prospect that their problems are important to the salesperson. Through active listening sales superstars are perceived as wanting to help, not just selling a product or service.

When people were surveyed why they didn’t buy from a particular salesperson, 86% responded, “I felt they didn’t understand my business”. The only way to understand is to listen. Active listening provides an edge because the information that is gathered is retained and can be used to effectively solve the problem

Listening is a major part of sales. Many salespeople have found success by learning to be good listeners. Poor sales people often zone out during a sales call waiting for their turn to speak. When poor salespeople speak, it usually isn’t particularly relevant to the prospect’s comments because they weren’t listening in the first place. This throws away a golden opportunity to get to the heart of the problem with the prospect.

Prospects generally tell us what the problem is and how they would like it solved, if we take the time to listen. Sales superstars know that their commission check is based on the information they get, not the information they give.

Be an active listener. Take stock of what your prospect is saying. Relay it back to them in your own words. This will ensure that you accurately understood what was said and shows the prospect that you are paying attention. The greatest compliment any person can give another person is rapt attention. Prospects are no different. Sales superstars pay rapt attention to their prospects, which places them in an ideal position to close the deal.



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