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A winner is one who sets goals.  These goals are challenging yet realistic.  Winners make commitments and in the long run, keep them.  A wimp is one who sets goals that are safe or worse yet completely unrealistic.  

Winners work for what they have.  They don’t depend on others to take care of their needs.  They accept responsibility for their behavior.  They are not cocky - they are confident.  They expect to face obstacles and roadblocks, but they do not allow these temporary setbacks to alter their course. wimp ducks commitments and in the long run, fails to meet their target.  Wimps look for the easy way out.  They believe others “owe” them a living.  They externalize their failures – rationalizing away their personal responsibility when they fail.  They hide behind braggadocio and plastic extroversion when they aren’t comfortable.  When encountering the slightest obstacle they are unsure of what to do.  If they decide on any action, they choose the path of least resistance, and then wonder why this choice leaves them dead-ended most of the time.  The wimp is “I” centered, amateurish and can plan no further than today.  The wimp cannot think on their own; he is a polltaker.  “How am I doing?” he asks each person he meets.  He needs constant validation, which never comes. The wimp is the antithesis of everything the winner stands for.

The winner can see the future.   They have true foresight.  How can the winner see the future when the wimp cannot?  Because the winner molds the future.  They are goal setters and goal achievers.  When faced with an obstacle or roadblock they don’t lay down by the side of the road and try to figure out how they got there (as the wimp does), they don’t hold up their hand and yell “Take me out coach, it’s too tough here!” (the wimp’s favorite one-liner).  The winner takes action.  They check their plan of action to see if they anticipated the problem and already made provision for its solution.  If not, they deal with the obstacle and continue to move forward or around it.  They don’t ask for favors and give none.  

The wimp seeks escape from pain.  The winner seeks the achievement of happiness.  The wimp exists for the sake of avoiding punishment.  The winner exists for the sake of earning rewards.  The wimp spends their career bellyaching and externalizing their failures.  The winner charts their course, covers it with unswerving determination and achieves the success they rightly deserve.

Be a winner.  Take some time early this year and set goals for yourself.  Make sure they are challenging but realistic.  Prepare yourself for the challenges that will undoubtedly come up as you try to achieve these goals.  Map out a plan to achieve your goals and be prepared to fight to get there.  If you take time now to plan and prepare you can avoid being a wimp later in the year.

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