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Knowledgeable salespeople are increasingly turning to LinkedIn as a primary source for leads and connections. LinkedIn has been a proven factor and a critical tool that can make those connections smoother, faster and ultimately more profitable.

Use LinkedIn tools such as “People You May Know” then reach out to the person you are connected with asking for an introduction to someone that could be a potential benefit to you. Add this action to your behavior weekly, requesting for two introductions. This process can be summarized in six easy steps.

6 Steps to Making Introductions Using LinkedIn:

  1. Connect to 5 (if possible), new contacts a week.
  2. Select 3, 1st connections that you are already connected too, these are the contacts that you know best.
  3. Use the filter function on LinkedIn to identify the level of the organization that you would like to be connected to, for example Owners, Presidents, COO, etc.
  4. Select only 3 people (1 each), that your 1st connection is connected with.
  5. Send out an e-mail to your 1st connection asking them to make an introduction for you. This can be as personalized as you would like.
  6. Wait on a response and handle accordingly in hopes of getting a warm introduction.

Adding this behavior to your prospecting wheel will net new opportunities and expand your network.

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