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Great communication is a key aspect of having a successful working relationship. But for some people, they dread walking into a meeting with a person that is strong willed, demanding, direct, and likes to challenge the norm.

Generally speaking, people with this dominate communication style are in a leadership role within the organization. Often times, this very blunt or even direct style of expressing oneself may come off as a bit intimidating to some.

The question becomes: How can one adapt from a typically more laid back, careful, and patient style to accommodate and bridge this communication gap?

First, it is important to understand that this person does not intend to come off as hard headed, this is simply their decision making style. That being said, here are a few tips for dealing with dominate personalities:


  • Give immediate feedback
  • Concentrate on subject
  • Maintain a result-oriented mindset

Do Not

  • Frustrate his/her desire to take action
  • Restrict his/her power
  • Spend time on non-essentials

This may require one to step out of their comfort zone, but the end result is worth the short-term pain of adapting their natural communication style. The challenge will be to challenge the norm, and remain focused on the process. Follow these tips for dealing with dominate personalities; it will make the conversation more productive and rewarding.

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