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Do you every wonder why you have an instant connection with some people?

Then there are those other times where no matter what you do, you cannot get on the same page with another individual for the life of you.

Is it me? Is it them?

Great communication is the key to any successful relationship, whether it is at home with family and friends, or at work with people you interact with on a day to day basis. (Colleagues, customers, managers, or even prospective customers).

So, how do you bridge the communication gap with people that you may not immediately click with?

Here are three steps to begin to help you with this:

The first step and probably the most important is to understand yourself as an individual. What are your strengths, what drives you? What are my challenges with communication?

The second step is to understand the perspective and style of whomever you are communicating with. What are their priorities, what makes them feel comfortable and extracts the best out of them?

The final step is being able to remove yourself from the way you see things, and anticipate the way that they will best receive the information.

Once you master this process, you will be able to make excellent strides in having mutually beneficial conversations not matter who you are speaking with.

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