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Sales Superstars have strong conviction. There is no substitution for believing in your product or service. Sales superstars don’t shy away from adversity because they have conviction that they are helping their prospects. They will work to help the prospect see the benefit they will receive. When a salesperson believes that they are providing a valuable product or service, they perform consistently because they find themselves in a win/win/win situation. The prospect gets a valuable product or service that will help them, the salesperson gets a commission, and the sales person helps their company to grow. Sales Superstars believe in what they are doing and what they are selling.

It’s hard to be motivated if we don’t believe in what we are doing. Poor salespeople frequently don’t believe in their product or service. This becomes a major problem. It’s almost impossible to convince someone of doing something we wouldn’t do. It comes across in our body language and in how we communicate. The poor salesperson’s words say that the prospect should buy and why their product or service will help. However, everything else about them screams, “Don’t purchase this, it holds little value!” The sales superstar presents a united front to the prospect. They believe in what they are selling with their heart and soul. That is often infectious. As the sales superstar speaks with the prospect, their conviction is communicated to the prospect. This will often motivate a prospect even if they don’t fully understand the product or service.

If salespeople find themselves doubting what they are selling, its time for them to leave that position. It becomes an uphill battle. There are enough obstacles in selling without doubting ourselves every step of the way. Belief in your company and product or service is essential to succeed. Conviction is fuel to reach greater heights. Sales superstars won’t be thwarted because they are doing more than a job. They are helping to solve problems for people and become deeply motivated because of it.

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