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What makes a superstar a superstar, in anything? It’s the ability to do something exceptionally well. However, a superstar can’t be great at one thing and abysmal at everything else in their specific area. Many baseball superstars are great because they can slug a ball. However, they have to be competent at throwing, catching, and base running. They make sure to keep slugging the ball but will practice other things as well. Superstars cater to what they do best and look to improve the areas in which they are deficient. Sales superstars are no different. Sales superstars understand their strengths and weaknesses, which allows them to cater to their strengths and refine their weaknesses.

Sales superstars understand their strengths and weaknesses. This is beneficial because they know what situations in which they excel and what situations in which they are poorly suited. If they are not good in a specific situation they have two choices. The first is to practice. For example, a poor prospector has to pick up the phone and dial, dial, dial until their technique improves. All of us have limits on how far we can develop. If the superstar does not improve, they delegate the activity to someone who is talented in that area. A common way this is done is through administrative assistants. Many salespeople are disorganized and can’t seem to keep anything straight. That’s why they have administrators. They organize files and calendars to help keep the salespeople on track. Poor salespeople frequently don’t admit their weaknesses. They stubbornly keep doing an activity poorly and neither delegate nor strive to improve. They are content to do a poor job and reinforce bad habits.

Being aware of strengths and weaknesses helps sales superstars maintain their skills. They know what makes them great. They make sure that they don’t let their strengths go unused. If they are a great prospector their pipeline is always bursting. If they are a great closer they have their eyes set on who is next and when they should be in the bag. They make sure not to let their strength slip. They become superstars because they know what their outstanding skills are and utilize them constantly. The first step to using your skills is to identify them. Once you identify those skills you only have to maintain them and keep them sharp to be a sales superstar.

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