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Look To Your Mind Set and Behaviors

Who doesn’t get bothered when sales are down? We’ve all been there at one time or another. The trick lies in what you do about it when it happens.

Do you blame externals? Not a good business climate? Sales are tough all over? If you blame external conditions, you become a victim.

What are some of your personal excuses? The most common we’ve seen are: Not enough time. Too busy. Don’t have the contacts. Whatever the excuses, it comes down to this: How do you solve it? Your job is to solve sales problems, not to find excuses, brood, or complain about them.

If you find yourself weakening down, you’re probably following the Feel Act Think process. You’re feelings (Feel) are guiding your behaviors (Act) and your Thinking (Think). Not a good process to follow to move yourself to building sales.

To get up and going for more sales, reverse the process to Think Act Feel. Carefully consider and plan (Think) what steps you can take to get sales going. Doing so will enable you to develop behaviors (Act) to solve your sales difficulties. And guess what? Your emotions (Feel) about your sales challenges will shift to positive.

In other words, act in spite of the way you feel. So what if you fail. That doesn’t matter. Defeat is only temporary. The only time you fail is when you give up . Continually focus on self-improvement; if you’re not improving yourself, you’re letting yourself down.

The critical factor in all this is to be tied to your process, not the outcome. Didn’t make a sale? No matter. Continue your sales process. Just made a great sale? No matter. Continue your sales process.

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