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Sales superstars always debrief a sales call when it has been completed. They discuss what went well and what didn’t. They analyze techniques that were effective and those that weren’t. In this way, they are constantly learning and refining their tactics. It also provides an opportunity for an outside perspective and a chance to discuss where the sales process goes from that point, if anywhere. This helps them improve and reach higher levels.

Poor salespeople frequently come back from a sales call and dive right into their next task. They don’t even reflect on the opportunity to see what went well, what did not go well, and where to go from this point on; let alone speak to someone else about it. Post-call debriefing is one of the single best opportunities for a salesperson to learn from their mistakes. There is a real-world example available with concrete examples of how they handled a prospect. If this is consistently done, we can track if we are continuously making a particular mistake or if there is a series of similar problems occurring. On the flip side, we can see what part of the process we have mastered. That way we don’t have to be as concerned about making an error in that particular skill. The post-call debrief is the only immediate system to track how well we are executing our sales strategy.

Hindsight is 20/20. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a crystal clear idea of what you are doing well and what areas need to be developed. Find a reliable individual to debrief your sales calls with. Spend some time analyzing the call and get some feedback from an outside source as well as adding your perspective. Typically you will be able to identify every part of the process you missed. This gives you both the opportunity to avoid the same mistakes and a chance of correcting those failures when you are next in front of the same prospect. Post-call debriefs are ideal for helping us improve. Never take that opportunity away from yourself.

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