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Sales Superstars are money motivated. Money motivation comes in two forms. Desire for more or fearing a lack of it. Both forms have the same effect. It causes the sales superstar to seek higher levels and not regress. If they aren’t growing, they’re dying. Sales superstars won’t allow themselves to fall backward. Once they achieve a particular income level, they won’t fall below it. Some superstars know what more money will mean for them personally. This causes them to achieve greater levels. Some superstars grow because otherwise they will stagnate and be unable to maintain what they currently have. In either case, money motivation causes the sales superstars to achieve greater success and meet their monetary goals.

Sales superstars want to receive large commission checks. They maintain consistent activity because they want to achieve their monetary goals. They want to continually move forward. It is unacceptable for them to dip below a minimum level. That level is usually dictated by what they need to pay their bills. Money also represents success and competition. Sales superstars are the best and want to remain the best. Money becomes a method of keeping score because it is an external benchmark of their success. It shows that they are improving and lets them track their improvement. Poor salespeople frequently are comfortable with their lifestyle. They want to make a “living”, not excel. It’s easier for them not to have more money, than to do the tough things in selling. These people usually stagnate and never achieve their highest potential.

Sales superstars know that there is more to money than money. They have aspirations of what they will do with the money. It will go into a retirement fund. They can buy a new car. They can save for a house. They can invest for their children’s college. They can pay the mortgage this month. The list goes on and on. For the sales superstar, money represents the lifestyle they want and everything that goes with it. Sales superstars are money motivated because they know how much money they need to support their family and lifestyle. They also have their sights set on achieving higher income levels.

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