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Sales superstars journal daily. Why is this important? It is an effective way to get their heads straight. Being mentally prepared is a major part of selling. However, it is hard to get in the right mindset. Journaling is a method to continually reinforce positive mindsets, keep an eye on goals, and measure performance. Sales superstars journal to keep a constructive mindset and track their performance.

The first section of the daily journal typically involves daily goals. Sales superstars define a handful of things that they want to accomplish in the day. This is based on their long-term goals, which are then broken down into smaller and smaller sections until they can define what they need to do on a day-to-day basis. The journal is simply a place to write those daily objectives down. This keeps the sales superstar focused. Poor salespeople frequently work day to day with no focus on the objectives. They get stuck “putting out fires” and putting off activities. They have not taken the time to figure out what they are going to do during the day and end up doing things haphazardly.

The next section of the journal deals with mindset. The sales superstar writes down what beliefs they need to have to be successful. They write these things down day after day after day until it becomes part of them. In this way, they can remain motivated and supplies the mindset to overcome adversity. Poor salespeople rarely think about their mindset. They focus on what they are doing and frequently will become frustrated. They have no method of keeping themselves motivated.

The final section of the journal deals with lessons learned. It is a daily review of what they have accomplished and how well they are progressing toward their goals. This is a great way to benchmark where the superstar is. The lessons learned are constantly updated and serves as a motivator to do what is necessary to accomplish their goals. Poor sales people have no measuring system for their goals. Every once in a while they might think about the gap between where they are and where they need to be. This does not lend itself to plans and action items. Keep a daily journal. It is a simple thing to do and takes very little time. In return for a little discipline, you will have a great way to set daily objectives, maintain a positive mindset, and benchmark how far we have gotten to our goals.

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