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Finding the right candidate is difficult, but the cost of turnover is even more painful. Have you ever truly considered what the cost of turnover is? Most of the time we consider how much it would be to run a hiring ad or investing in a hiring platform like Indeed. However, the cost of turnover is painfully more than that.

Gut Check: How much is your time worth? How much time are you taking to pre-screen, phone screen, and interview? How much time are you looking over resumes?

Really, the only thing that these things tell us is who the candidate isn’t, it doesn’t tell us who the person is.

Gut Check: What happens if we could figure out who the person is before we even look at the resume? What happens if we know who the person is and what they are capable of even before we pick up the telephone to pre-screen them let alone bring them in for the first interview?

You can avoid all of the hiring confusion and questions through a targeted hiring process by strategically implementing pre-hire assessments.

There is so much power in assessing your candidates as part of the hiring process, if you know how to leverage assessments well. If you use pre-hire assessments well, you can cut through the clutter and target not only the right people, but the people who will be successful at their jobs. This helps you and your organization limit turnover which is costing you your valuable time and money.

Stop going with your gut in the hiring process and start selecting candidates via pre-hire assessments who perform better, stay longer, and fit the company culture.

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