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As a salesperson, it may be common to find yourself at the end of your presentation hearing things like, “I’m going to end up using my current supplier” or “We decided to go with the lowest price.”

Sandler Training has a rule: If there’s a bomb out there, defuse it before it blows up.

It’s important to learn how to deal with showstoppers, which can be different in any situation, such as existing relationships or competing prices. Uncover the true pain, the need, and the want of the prospect.

The budget step discovers whether a prospect is both willing and able to make any investments moving forward, but before we cover budget, you may want to utilize a transitional phrase. An example of a transitional phrase could be, “I really get a strong understanding of what you’re looking to accomplish, and I really think we can help.”

“Let me ask you this. One of the things you mentioned is you have been working with your current supplier for fourteen years, and I sense that there is some frustration there. Let’s fast forward a few weeks and say we’ve invested additional time together. It becomes clear to you that we’ve got the answer to your problem and that we are the right solution. I don’t know if that will happen, but let’s pretend it does. What will the conversation with your current supplier sound like? Is that a relationship that you’re willing and able to move away from?”

Deal with showstoppers just as you would with the budget.

“I think I can help you, and bring you value. I’ll tell you up front, we do a lot of things well, but we’re probably not going to be the lowest price. Does it make sense to continue the conversation?”

If there is a challenge, whether it is a showstopper or roadblock, deal with it.

If there’s a bomb out there, defuse it, before it blows up.

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