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Peak Performance Management, Inc. | Pittsburgh, PA

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You are probably aware that workplace culture is evolving, and companies that are able to take advantage of a newly engaged, passionate salesforce will be more successful and outpace their competition for years to come. However, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard business leaders and hiring managers lamenting over how challenging it is to hire good salespeople and even good sales leaders. The challenge is: Even bad salespeople interview well.

You might have the best hiring practices, or you might have worked on developing the best interview questions, and you still end up with hires like:

1. The super confident salesperson who ends up leaving a trail of destruction with internal and external clients while ruining culture.
2. The super out going gregarious salesperson who ends up being a professional visitor going from person to person spending time and money on entertainment, but they aren’t closing any business.

What would happen if you changed your hiring practice and leveraged pre-hire assessments? The answer: The pre-hire assessment will uncover, skills, skill gaps, strengths, weaknesses, and hidden weaknesses and allow you to determine who you’re about to interview, or if you even want to spend your valuable time with them. You can also undercover from your current sales team what skills are important and how well they are performing in those skills in order to create a plan of attack to improve any skill gaps. Simply put, pre-hire assessments stand to help you avoid the hiring headache by creating time-saving efficiencies, supporting employee development, and bolstering engagement within your organization.

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