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Sales superstars have a referral system. They recognize that referrals are an essential part of growing their sales and actively encourage people to give them. Referrals are a major aspect of any good salesperson’s success. Sales superstars are not afraid to ask current contacts if they know someone who might benefit from a business relationship with them. These contacts include clients, friends, family, business associates, and even other prospects. Through a structured system, sales superstars generate quality referral based leads on a consistent basis.

Great salespeople take one person that sees value in their product or service and gets many new leads from them. Poor salespeople are often afraid of asking for referrals. They fear that it might be too forward or somehow insult the person. The truth is that it is never harmful to ask for a referral. Even if they don’t have one, it will plant a seed in their mind to be aware of others that might benefit from our product or service. A good referral system grows like a tree. One contact branches off into several referral opportunities. Those opportunities branch off into several more opportunities. The result is a lush array of people introducing us to new people.

Don’t overlook a referral system. Referrals are often the single greatest way to grow our business. 20% of contacts will actively give referrals. 20% of contacts will never give a referral. 60% will give a referral when asked. Don’t let that 60% go untapped.

When we have a good product or service, people want to tell others about us. Have a plan to let them do so. Be proactive in approaching others for referrals. When we do that, our business will grow into a lush tree of clients that budded from referrals.

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