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Few salespeople like cold calling prospects for appointments. But as we’ve said before, you don’t have to like it. You just have to do it. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Get your emotional needs met somewhere else, not when you’re cold calling. Sure, we’re human beings who have emotional needs. But the truth is, none of us is going to get them met when we cold call for an appointment. Your job is to land meetings with prospects. Besides, getting your emotional needs met isn’t something prospects will help you with.

2) Lose the head trash. Head trash does more to keep us from cold calling for appointments than anything else. You know what this is about. Thoughts like, “He won’t accept my call.” Or “She’s too high up in the company to speak with me.” Mental talk like this blocks you getting the very thing you need—appointments to build sales. Why demotivate yourself this way?

3) Sound like you’re a person to be dealt with. Play your game when, as often happens, you get a gate keeper on the phone. Many people start with something like, “Hello, this is Bob Jones from the XYZ Company. Is Ron Morgan available?” This is a sure kiss of death. Because you sound like all the salespeople the gatekeeper has ever heard. He or she will winnow you out.

4) Begin the phone conversation with a prospect by using a pattern break. A pattern break helps to differentiate yourself. Try going vulnerable with something like, “I’m not sure if it makes sense for you and I to speak, but let me take a moment to tell you why I called, then you can decide if we should talk further. Fair?”  Talk like this and you’ll set yourself apart right from the start.

Follow these important tips and immediately differentiate yourself from “every other salesperson” and get the appointment.

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