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Peak Performance Management, Inc. | Pittsburgh, PA

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How do you build a business case as you go through the process of uncovering the clients’ needs and wants? First, you should quantify “pain” and its impact.

Here are a few steps to do just that:
Step One: Find something that is measurable. (This could be the number of new accounts, level of productivity, etc.)
Step Two: Have a conversation to find out their current situation.
Step Three: Figure out where they want to be.

You could help them with that by sharing best practices of others in their industry. Work with them to collaborate on the value of that difference between where they are and where they want to be.

Ask your prospect:
1. What is the value of the difference over time?
2. Is it a lot, or is it a little?
3. Is it enough to care?
4. Is it enough to act and make a change?

Asking these specific questions allows you to quantify the pain and impact, which drives a compelling decision.

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