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Sales superstars follow a system. They are professionals, not amateurs. Amateurs do things by accident. Sales Professionals do things on purpose with a system. A system is simply a repeatable process that generates consistent results. Sales superstars have a particular way they sell. They have a process and continue to refine it instead of reinventing the wheel. They take ideas they like and use effective techniques to create a system that works for them. In this way, they make a personal method of selling that is both unique and effective.

Poor salespeople often find themselves throwing things against the wall and seeing what will stick. This is a poor way to behave. Even if something effective is discovered, there is no infrastructure to replicate it. Great salespeople do not fly by the seat of their pants. They break the sales cycle down into smaller chunks. The system becomes repeatable and helps move deals through the sales cycle. They know what they are doing and why they are doing it. They have a playbook to follow. They move through established steps which allows them to map out where they are. Where others hope, wish, guess, and dream, sales superstars plan and succeed.

Find a system that works for you. The simplest way is to adopt a proven sales methodology. There are several out there. Then use that as an outline and customize it for your strengths and personality. There is no such thing as a sales system that works for everyone. There are simply good models that need to be tweaked for the individual sales person. When you find a methodology that suits you best, customize it and begin to execute. If you stick to a proven system you will find that results will come. If you don’t have a plan you’ll be part of someone else’s plan. Have a plan, be consistent, and succeed.

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