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If you’re not getting referrals or not getting enough of them, you’re walking away from sales and revenue. Not convinced?

Then, run these numbers for yourself to see how much money you’re losing when you don’t ask for referrals:

     1.  List the number of  face-to-face meetings you’ve had in the last 5 business days:

     2.  List how many times you’ve formally asked for referrals at these meetings:


     3.  Subtract answer 2 from answer 1:          
          This is the number of times you didn’t ask for a referral.


     4.  When you do ask for referrals, how many do you get on average per ask:


     5.  Multiply answer 3 by answer 4:
          This is the numbers of referrals you have missed.

     6.  Write down your closing percentage from a good, referral based business:

     7.  Multiply the percentage in answer 6 by the answer in 5:
           This is your number of lost clients.

     8.  What is the average size of a deal in your business:

     9.  Multiply the answer in 8 the answer in 7:
          This represents lost your lost revenue.

     10. Write down how many weeks a year you work:


     11. Multiply your answer in 10 by your answer in 9:
          This is the revenue you’ve lost during a year because of lost referrals.


Now, what do you think about the referrals you’ve lost? How well are you doing? Can you do better? Motivated to get more referrals?

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Referrals cost less to produce than other leads and close at a much higher rate, so they should be a key part of your prospecting process.

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