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Let’s cut right to it. When you sell, you inspire your prospect to buy your product or service under your terms and 

When you negotiate, you need to modify your initial offer in some way, manner, or form to achieve a reasonable result. A successful negotiator focuses first on being a good salesperson who reduces negotiating to a minimum.conditions, and your prospect walks away feeling good about what happened.

Here’s how to negotiate:

  1. Never give anything away unless you get something comparable or greater in return. Go for equal or better.
  2. Put yourself in your prospect’s place. Understand where he or she is coming from.
  3. Remove your emotions from the negotiation. It’s not about you. Ultimately, it’s about the sale.
  4. Remember: Every negotiator’s major weakness is his or her ego.
  5. Give options, not discounts. When you negotiate, avoid giving money away.
  6. Before you negotiate, make two lists. A list of all possible concession and a list of all, non-price-related concessions. Know what you will and will not concede.
  7. Talk about things new to your prospect, things he or she doesn’t know. This helps to get the mind off discounts and to maintain control of the negotiation.
  8. Watch your tonality. Keep it even and tempered, never hard sell.

Above all, know the difference between selling and negotiating and make sure to use different approaches for each

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