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There are a few mistakes I see salespeople make when sending LinkedIn InMail as a prospecting tool. First, they are way too long. Second, they include hyperlinks or attachments. I suggest doing none of the above. LinkedIn Inmails, or even emails for prospecting should be 100 words or less. That translates to only about 3 sentences.

Those three sentences should be divided up like this:

First Sentence- Make a Personal Connection: This sentence is where you should be where you are making a personal connection. This is either a referral, research about that person, or possibly relevant and recent news about the company.

Second Sentence- Your “Pain” or Value Statement: This sentence is where you share the kinds of people you work with and the kinds of problems you solve.

Last Sentence- Call to Action: This sentence is where you ask to take the next step in the process. This sentence will be formed as a question. For example: Even if there is no immediate need and only a "down the road" opportunity, are you open to connecting for a brief 10-minute exploratory call?

Lastly, your subject line should match your personal connection you’ve uncovered.

Here is an example of it all together:

Subject: Your Speech at ABC Conference
I saw that you recently presented at the ABC Conference on XYZ. The subject resonated with me and I think I can be a valuable resource.

I do a lot of work with organizations like yours where the sales teams are senior, smart and successful. The work may be in shortening the cycle of a sale, increasing forecast accuracy or getting in front of key decision makers.

Jim, even if there is no immediate need and only a "down the road" opportunity, are you open to connecting for a brief 10-minute exploratory call?


These are the steps for crafting a LinkedIn prospecting Inmail that gets results. If you would like to take a deeper dive into mastering stress-free lead development, join me for an upcoming webinar on the topic. Reserve your spot.


Thanks John. Always insightful. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! - Ralph Henderson

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