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Sales superstars invest in their most valuable resource, themselves. Good salespeople are never satisfied with what they have done. They continue to strive for new heights. This is accomplished through self-development. They read sales books, listen to sales tapes, attend sales seminars, go to sales training, and seek out any helpful knowledge from mentors and coaches. They refine their craft by seeking knowledge about their profession. There is no shortage of innovative and effective techniques available for salespeople. Sales superstars actively seek that information to develop their abilities which enables them to constantly improve.

Poor salespeople often tell themselves, “I’m pretty good at what I do.” Frequently poor salespeople have 15 years experience but in reality, they have 1 year of experience replicated 14 times. This translates into settling for mediocrity. They are close-minded to new ideas and resist trying new techniques because they feel they don’t need it. This is compounded if the technique is outside the salesperson’s comfort zone. So instead of developing their abilities, they convince themselves that what they have always done is working pretty well. Poor salespeople are content to blend in with the masses of other salespeople and never develop themselves to their full potential. Sales superstars want to stand out from the masses. They aggressively consume new information and implement it as soon as possible. That is why they continue to perform and improve. Through the effort they put forth they are privy to cutting-edge ways of selling.

Sales superstars are always on the lookout for new sales techniques. They enjoy learning about their profession. This is not done in isolated segments. It is an ongoing commitment to growth. Part of their routine is gathering information. They uncover what is useful and disregard ideas that don’t work. This helps them combine the best of the best techniques and use them. Be a sales superstar, always strive for self-development. If we aren’t growing, we have to be stagnating . . . or getting worse.

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