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Scot Teachout

They say no pain, no gain. So, how can not finding a prospects pain cause you to lose business?

It’s common to think that what you do in life is who you are, but this is not the case.

Success is a very difficult word to define because it represents so many diverse concepts and ideas within our personal and professional lives. We all have our own unique understanding of success, but there are many common traits and characteristics that generally lead to excellence in the realm of sales.

When’s the last time you experienced pain? Jabbing, stabbing pain. Emotionally upsetting pain. Bet you couldn’t wait to get over it. You would have done anything for it to go away. Your doctor was your Superman, your Spiderman, and your Lord of the universe whom you depended on to heal your pain.

To work with customers, either selling or in customer service, you must believe in your products and services, in your company, and most importantly, in yourself. Your skills and your success depend almost entirely on your own self-confidence.

Great communication is a key aspect of having a successful working relationship. But for some people, they dread walking into a meeting with a person that is strong willed, demanding, direct, and likes to challenge the norm.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from owners and managers is that “the stuff in the pipeline” just hasn’t closed. What constitutes a stalled opportunity? Stalled opportunities are those deals which should have closed, but still continue to show up on the forecasted pipeline. We hear the prospective client saying things like, “We’re not ready yet”, or “the timing is off”, or “we love it, but we just aren’t ready”.

When your sales people are under performing, are you working the right side of the problem? Are you providing more technical product training when their final presentations aren’t closing business? Are you re-shuffling their territories when they can’t make enough appointments with new prospects? Are you changing their compensation packages when they aren’t hitting their goals?

Oh well, it’s just one customer. Our attitude and beliefs around each of our customers should come from the perspective of what the lifetime value of that customer brings to our company, and ourselves.

Have you ever heard a prospect say, “Well, Frank based on what you’re telling me so far, this all looks good and I do not see why you may not get this order and everything will work out.” An amateur salesperson might go back to their office thinking that this one is ‘in the bag’, when in fact they have nothing but a lot of smoke. This miscommunication can leave both the prospect and the salesperson wondering where they both stand.