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Peak Performance Management

Selling is not all about price! This is a rampant excuse that sales people use to explain away not getting a deal.

Too often sales people put their focus on being liked. “If the prospect likes me, they will buy” becomes the motto. Instead of focusing on the real added value they can bring to the table, salespeople often put their effort into being friends.

Sales superstars identify what the key performance indicators (KPI) are for their business. Key performance indicators are the business development metrics that are most important in your company or industry.

What makes a superstar a superstar, in anything? It’s the ability to do something exceptionally well. However, a superstar can’t be great at one thing and abysmal at everything else in their specific area.

Sales superstars quantify a prospect’s pain. They are skilled at asking the questions as to how much a problem is costing the prospect.

Sales superstars journal daily. Why is this important? It is an effective way to get their heads straight. Being mentally prepared is a major part of selling.

Sales superstars keep a fuzzy file about their clients. These are detailed files about their clients that they can reference quickly.

People are always looking to be OK, or feel good about themselves. A common way that people do this is through contrast.

Sales superstars always debrief a sales call when it has been completed. They discuss what went well and what didn’t.

Sales superstars are OK with a “no”. They realize that a “no” is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, they are often satisfied with a decisive “no” and move on to the next opportunity.